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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Twist & Pulse at Dartford Festival

This weekend was our town's festival, which takes place every year for 1 weekend in the summer. It is usually a mix of funfair, displays by local groups (artists, needlecraft, gardening, dog show etc), stalls from charities and other local authorities and firms. There is also a stage showing a variety of acts such as singing, dancing, magicians.

This year, quite a few TV stars from the TV series 'Britain's got Talent' and 'X Factor' were appearing. And I was so happy to see that my absolute favourite act from this years 'Britain's got Talent' were appearing - a young dance/comedy duo called 'Twist & Pulse'. The two boys adapt a fresh style to street dance, and combine street dance with comedy. They usually have me in stitches within minutes of watching them and IMHO, they are so talented. My boys love them as well, and Dan is thinking of taking up dance - he is actually looking to see if he can find a local troupe to join once he is back from the U.S.

Here are some pictures from the Twist & Pulse here in Dartford yesterday. Sorry, the pictures are not great - I was way down in the crowd, and because I had our labrador Bonnie with me, couldn't go any nearer (bad decision). The boys appeared here in Dartford, even though they were due for a live TV appearance later on in the evening - good on you!



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