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Monday, 19 July 2010

Confetti Stitching

So, here is an update on my wedding picture (Stitch-a-photo). I have never really worked confetti stitching like this before - literally 2/3 stitches in one colour and than change thread again. Despite working on it the whole weekend, there is hardly any progress to see. But I finally managed to get into it a bit more, and a bit further down the picture there are actually large areas of black.

Anyone any tips on confetti stitching? What I did so far is go with one colour as much as I can do, jumping a bit more than just my ususal 3-4 threads, and securing the thread in the back under other stitches already in place. But of course, there is only so much I can go with one colour, so it's on and off with the thread/needle.


Cyndi Harris ~ said...

Wow it's looking good but I don't know if I would have the patience for that. I'd love to see the finish though.

mbroider said...

I 'look' around for the confetti symbol in the 10X10 grid to the right and so on... So it is like 10 or so rows at a time.

I would suggest to check for a 'striking' color and stitch that so you can have that as a benchmark to help you like in 'You are here'. The important part is to know the 'striking' color. Very oftne in confetti we have similar colors lying next to each other, LOL

Good luck with your project. The thing that daunts me the most is how you will manage jumping in evenweave. In Aida, it is manageable as you have clear demarcation in the squares. I feel gridding your fabric would help.

Hope these points help you!

The Pegster said...

Thanks so much, I think I'm going to be working on this for a few years - but hey, that's why we like our hobby ;-))

Clare Thomas said...

Have you tried parking? That's really good for large projects and especially confetti stitches as you can stretch a long way and the threads will get covered by more stitches?

The Pegster said...

thanks Clare, do you have a link which explains parking? I have heard of it before (you leave the needle/thread in place and just park it at the side - right?) but i'm not sure who that won't all tangle up?

Clare Thomas said...

yeah that's it, it takes a bit of getting used to but once you've got into it its so much easier. There's a good tutorial on scarlet quince: basically once you've done the confetti stitch of one colour you park it where its next needed and carry on with the stitches in the area, then when you get back to that colour its there ready without any starting or breaking off threads and the has been covered by all the stitching in between, hope that makes sense? I didn't get it at first but just ask and I'll explain again if you like.


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