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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Proud mother - Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire / U.S.A.

Right... I was waiting to write about this, as we were awaiting final confirmation... Now it is confirmed! My son Danial will be going in the summer to the U.S.A., to the Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. (1 hr. drive north of Boston). He has been awared a scholarship from the Academy, and had to undergo a selection process at this current school.- and has been chosen. All togehter, 4 students from his current school will go. They will fly on on 4th of July and return 7th of August and will attend the summer camp. Danial will go to the mathematics camp. I will drop him off at London Heathrow Airport and hope for the best LOL - a 16 year old all let loose on his own. No, seriously, he is quite a sensible young man and we are sooooo proud of him.

And here is Danial last week, at his 16th Birthday party. We went to TGI Friday's (his choice), we all loved it. Ruby and Nafees had burgers, the boys and me had steak with Jack Daniels's sauce - my favorite.


Mylene said...

Congratulations to Danial!

Have a nice weekend to all.

Sigi said...

Gratuliere deinem Sohn! Zum Geburtstag nachträglich, und natürlich zu dieser fantastischen Reise!
Freu mich schon auf dich!

Tammy said...

I just found your blog. What an awesome layout. I am nominating your blog for an award (see mine)

The Pegster said...

Thanks everyone, I'm so proud of Dan that I had to boast! Thanks to Tammy - it took me a while to get it right LOL, just need more time in a day to update regularly ....

AeY said...
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