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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Filing System for charts from cross stitch magazines

It was about time I sorted out my cross stitch magazines for various reasons:

1. three big banana boxes full of magazines - space problem
2. Many more magazines all over the house
3. I was never able to find a chart if I ever searched for one, indeed, it was impossible to look through the magazines quite simply because there were so many with no system at all.
4. DH moaning LOL

YES, it did hurt to rip the magazines apart, but it has to be done for the good coming out of it *sigh*. And this is how I did it:

Step 1: The most difficult part - Rip the chart out of the magazine.

It's obviously up to you how ruthless you want to be in your selection - I sort of keep all of the well-known designer stuff such as Michael Powell, or Liliput Lanes, and things which I know I like e.g. cats, dogs, wildflowers. No cuties for me, nor teddies.

Step 2: Place the chart in a clear plastic wallett.

You may need to fold the chart a bit to place it in the folder. Here in the UK you can get them really cheap in discount stores such as Poundland etc.

Step 3: Chose a category and write it on the top left side of the plastic wallet.

Anything which makes it easy for you to find it again and archive it. Cats, landscape, .... finishes, techniques...

Step 4: File away alphabetically in a ring binder

Step 5: Add the relevant category to the side of the binder / or on the front - whereever it is easier for you to find it.

And that's it. It is really easy to browse through the charts and different categories which will be marked in the front left corner. It will be equally easy to add charts / remove charts for using them.


Mylene said...

I was thinking the same way too, but oh my....i'd rather not. Maybe i can start with some old ones...
Goodluck with yours or are you already done?

The Pegster said...

Oh I know, it was difficult. What makes it a bit easier is that here in UK it's easy to get hold of magazines... Only one more box to go. I also kept lots of stuff where I knew my xs friends might like e.g. one friend is made on elephants, so I kept all of those.


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