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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy 2010

I wish everyone a wonderful and healthy 2010. May it be prosperous and may 'most' of your wishes come true.

I don't really have any New Year's resolutions.... I know I should lose weight *sigh*, but my heart is not really in it. I will try to be a better blogger and hopefully update more often.
Cross Stitch wise.... well, the poodle is finished, and I will just continue with my usual rotation. I will hopefully finally get my Spring Queen framed - I've promised myself to put some money aside for this every month. Work-wise - nothing special planned, it is always so busy, I am just glad to get through every week to be honest. I still enjoy it though. Of course, this is my last year in my degree with the Open University (oh, this reminds me, my next assignment is due on 13.01.!!), so hopefully I
will graduate by the summer.

Other plans for 2010 are: Holiday-wise, I will be going to see my mum and dad in March with my friend Jo who would like to see Berlin, and again in August the the children. This is what I am looking forward to, nothing further planned.

For the rest of the family: my eldest son Danial will finish school this summer, but he will stay on for a further 2 years for A-Level (Abitur in German), which he will start in September in the same school were he is now. Imran is of course still right in the middle of Secondary School (year 9) And my daughter Ruby will start in Secondary School (year 7) in September 2010 (same school as the boys). And Nafees is still very happy in his new job with the NHS, as far as he is concerned he can work in that hospital up to retirement if they let him ;-))



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