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Monday, 21 September 2009

Nature's Home update

Last week, my rotation piece was the 'Nature's Home afghan' - I'm currently stitching square 6 of 35... long way to go, but one has to start somewhere LOL. This is a project which will be with me several years no doubt, but I don't mind, especially as every square is almost like an individual picture.

For my standards I did quite a lot last week, probably because I was off work on Monday and Tuesday, and really started to get into this piece. It starts to come together now. It is not really obvious, but there are plenty of confetti stitching in this, for example the green on the leaves is around 6 or 7 different kind of greens.


Jade said...

OMG, Nature's Home is my dream, it is the top of my wish list! It's so nice to see someone making progress on it.

The Pegster said...

Thanks Jade. I'm a verrrry slow stitcher, so I know it's gonna be years rather than months, but I don't mind.


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