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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

First day back at work today after 1 week off after the laparoscopy last week. I felt fine, so this was an unexpected few days off, and I have to say I quite enjoyed it (luckily, I didn't feel bad, stitches came out, no problems at all. Did lots of cross stitch over the weekend(and not much else I'm afraid). And I got myself a new little toy - well, it's only a new daylight lamp. This one is for downstairs. I've got my big daylight lamp upstairs, one of the best buys ever, I swear by it, can't stitch without it. I also love the little tray and chart holder on it. Anyway, there was nothing downstairs, and so I never really stitched downstairs. As Nafees doesn't like the daylight when it's on in my room upstairs (and he has to sleep in the same room), I always had to stop stitching when he went to bed... well, not any longer, got a nice new daylight lamp for downstairs. Love it! And there's Sky TV downstairs, whereas I've only got a small TV with a room aerial in my room.


RuthB said...

Oh, I know what you mean, I love my Ott Lights and my Day Lite lamps. I'd be miserable without them.... but maybe I wouldn't notice all my mess ups? hmmmmmmm

The Pegster said...

Oh, isn't it true - once you start on them you can't due without! Great investment and a definite recommend for any stitcher. and never mind the frogs, all part of it ;-)


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