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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Why are weekends always so short? Was really busy today. In the morning, went with Nafees to East Ham for shopping. Than, coming back around lunch time, we went straight to Dartford fair. I was looking forward to see 'Stavros Flatley', those hilariously funny dancers from Britain's got Talent. I thought were were really funny, and we need something to laught don't we? Anyway, I didn't feel to well after eating some doghnuts, and generally I 'can't' do big crowds, so I had to leave before Stavros Flatley came on the stage. Oh well, but Dan saw them.

Than, coming back, I went straight to Jo's for our weekly cross stitch session. Had to help her with a lot of frogging on her huge Chinese Lady picture. And after that I went out with Bonnie, as mostly on Sundays we went to Beacon Wood. I looked out for fungi, as mum keeps telling me there are plenty in Germany, but nothing here... I just don't know the right places!


Leigh Russell said...

You're right, why are weekends always so short? We ought to have a 2 day week and a 5 day weekend. That would help, don't you think? I agree, a good laugh is always good. I haven't seen you on my blog for a while, so thought I'd come over and visit. I'm glad to discover you're still here, stitching away.

The Pegster said...

Thanks Leight. Just went to see your blog - jipee your book is out!!! Went to order it on Amazon straight away and can't wait. I'm soooo pleased for you it has finally come along.


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