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Monday, 11 May 2009

Cross stitch update

I have been neglecting my cross stitch in a big way in the past few weeks. And my friend Jo has taken to it big time - finished her first piece in less than 4 weeks. Well last week I had the ,Giraffe, from Dimensions in my rotation for the first week and as the progress picture shows I've hardly worked on it though I think the shape of the giraffe head is already recognizable! I've just been toooo busy last week for cross stitch - did a lot of gardening (I made a herb bed), playing with the phone for the last 4 days and of course looking for a camera. I would really like to get more seriously into photography (as a hobby) and do a lot of research into beginner DSLR camera's. Veerey confusing. Here is the picture of the giraffe, only a snapshot taken with the iPhone though.

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