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Thursday, 5 February 2009

The snow is now finally melting, and I'm quite glad now. As nice as it was to have it and to play in it on Monday, the fun was over for me by Tuesday. Trains were running again, so back at work of course. Luckily, we didn't had to take a days annual leave for Monday, but got credited the full 7.12 hours (which we are supposed to work in a day) The pavements were not gritted at all, not here in Dartford, and not in Southwark were I work.I was walking like a penguin most of the time! Poor Imran slipped on the ice and hit his head on some concrete steps on Wednesday evening. I went to work as usual on Thursday, and when my train was just approaching London Bridge, Imran called me and said he still got an awful headache, feels really sick and woozy. Oh, all my alarm bells were ringing, and I took the next train home and took him straight to A&E. It was almost comical, all the people in the waiting room in the hospital A&E had injuries relating to the snow and ice. Imran's got a concussion and needs to stay home and I have to watch him. Great, so I took Thursday and Friday off, I got plenty of flexi time anyway.

Stitching-wise, this week is 'Poodle'week, and I've got a little progress to announce - I finished page 2 of 6. It is still very slow going. The very similar colours don't help of course, and while I don't really like to work on 14ct Aida any more (too big), the 18ct is small, and I find that my crosses get squashed and distorted by the 2 strands of floss. But if I were to stitch with 1 strand, it would not cover properly.


Gillie said...

Hi Peggy, sorry about Imran but glad you took him to hospital. It sounds crazy, all that snow. Hope you enjoyed your "snow days"!

The Pegster said...

Thanks Gillie. I thought you can't be too careful with a potential head injury. Snow is all gone now in my part of the country - mind you, I did enjoy it, as I'm used to lots of snow from Germany.


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