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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Dean Koontz ' Intensity '

I once bought a whole lot of Dean Koontz' books at a car boot sale. I was rummaging in a box for Stephen King, and the woman seller asked me if I were also interested in Koontz if I liked King. So that's how I came to read my first Koontz book. I became to realize quickly though that his style is not similar to King at all! (or is it only me who doesn't think so). But he's grown on me.
This one is a great read and won't keep you bored.

'Intensity' is Young Girl vs. Psycho Killer. Chyna has come to her college's friends house to spend some holiday time with her. Chyna has plenty of emotinal baggage to carry from a difficult childhood, unlike her college pal Laura who seems to live the ideal happy life with her family. This idyll is about to be shattered, as a psycho killer breaks into the house and slaughters the family. Chyna's instinct and her difficult childhood have thought her to be careful, so she escapes. But when she realises that the killer has kidnapped Laura, she summonses all her strenght and follows the killer who came in a motorhome. And she soon learns that it was not entirely by chance that he came during that night. And while riding in his motorhome, she learns many more secrets about him, gruesome stuff.



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