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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

An update from last week's cross stitch on Nature's Home Afghan. I finished Block 2 and started Block 13 (both are actually next to each other on the top, I prefer to stitch it block by block from left to right and line by line rather than the way the blocks are numbered. Now I've run out of DMC 3781 which is not surprising, the tree branch is stitched entirely in that colour and it says on the chart I will need 10 of them.

Today I had my OU exam - gosh, I am sooo glad that is over. I hated the course this year, and sadly it reflected in my grades which got WORSE as the year progressed! I hope I did enough today in order to pass the exam - don't wont anything else, as I will never pass with distinction anyway (not high enough marks throughout the year for that). Now I will have a break from OU studies before my final year. And it's going to be a break of 1 year !!!! Usually, the courses with the OU always started in February and ended in October. But now they decided that the courses will start in October - so I have to wait until next October to start my final year. I don't mind to be honest, as I don't urgently need the degree for work purporses and rather need a break from it at present. But if I think about people who need to do it urgently... At present I feel that, once I done the final year, I don't want to see any of it for ever again. Might change my mind, but I guess this year's course has put my off studying badly.


Margit said...

Ach Gott, Du machst ja die NH-Decke. Wahnsinn!!!
Ich hoffe, dass es Dir gut geht.
Viele liebe Gruesse.

The Pegster said...

Hi Margit, ja mir gehts gut, weisst ja, Unkraut vergeht nich *lach*. das wird bestimmt noch Jahre dauern mit der Decke, aber ist mir auch egal. Letzte woche bin ich mal wieder gar nicht zum sticken gekommen...


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