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Sunday, 12 October 2008

More goodies arrived for my birthday:
from Viv (BD group 4)
kit ‘Wild Poppies Panel, John Clayton

from Abi (FS)
hand dyed dragon pearls 28ct evenweave, 2, perle hand dyed 8 and 12 Dawn Chorus, Charon Waterlilies 001 Sandstone, 2 charms scissor and thimble

from Gabriele (FS and Kreuzstich)
5x Danish Blomstergarn Fremme 235, 232, 212, 234, 223, bath salts, candy, 1 Fremme kit 'Duck', 2 evenweave bands to stitch on

This is seriously fun, and I will defintely take part in all the birthday groups again next year. Yes, at times it was a bit tedious to send out all those presents during the year, but now that my birthday is here and I get packages almost every day -well, how great, it was well worth the wait.

I also went to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace in London on Thursday 09.10. It was the second time I went there. This show is much bigger than the one in Olympia in March, as it covers not only cross stitch , but all textile arts including knitting, weaving, lace, sewing, jewellery making and card making. I love to browse on all the stalls and generally just 'having a look' - and of course a bit of shopping needs to be done. I'm not any more as mad as I used to be, when I could blow £200-£300 at a show. Now I really try to buy what I need. This time I got myself 3 pieces of 25ct evenweave (for the HAED project), 30x DMC colours, 4x GAST threads, 26er needles (I always buy a stock of them from the shows, as they are so difficult to find in other shops), magnets, a chart from The Historical Sampler Company, a DMC kit called Mountain Flowers (I have the matching one already), a scissor.


too_busy_to_stitch said...

Glad you enjoyed your pressies!! I'm not so sure that I'm doing it next year - mainly because of the hassle with the international payments to be honest - else I'll get a new credit card that's not so over-zealous, lol! haven't been to a show in years - meeting up with a friend for Stitch 2009 hopefully - though I find that there's just too much knitting these days (which I gave up years ago, though feeling strangely tempted again at the moment!).

The Pegster said...

That credi card business would put me off as well! It was really nice for me this year, as the pressies kept coming every day, I felt really spoilt as I never get any stitching goodies from my family (they don't quite seem to understand why I love putting pictures with threads on fabric which seems to take forever bla bla bla). Oh, I'm still addicted to shows and go twice a year, to Ally Pally and Olympia. It's easy for me as well, as I'm very near to them and have a travelcard to take me into London anyway due to work.

Ele said...

Du hattest Geburtstag, herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich dazu!
Hübsche Dinge zeigst du auf deinem Blog.

Liebe Grüße
Gabriele und bis bald mal wieder...


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