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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Why are the weekends always sooo short? My Saturday is usually taken with doing the house up, and in the morning I go swimming with Ruby. She is quite good now, going into the deep end. Considering she only started in January.... My sons love to go fishing, and when we talked about it at work, one of my co-workers said 'Well, as long as he can swim' ... aehmmm, no, he can't, at least not properly. He's had some lessons in school, but that never went beyond 5 meters. I'm not quite sure if I can enrole him still to lessons, because our swimming pool does lessons either for children (they are all 5 up to 10, no way my 14 year old would go to that!), or lessons for adults. He doesn't go out on a boat or something btw, but just stands on the shore.

It's been raining on-off the whole weekend. I've been trying today to finish TMA06 which has to be submitted by next Wednesday 10.09. No extension available. I did quite a lot in Germany, and only need another 500 words. Because I don't enjoy the course this year, I have really stopped caring and don't keep changing the assignment. Just gotta do with what's there. And then I have to start revision, the exam is on 14.10. Plan was to do a 'revision plan' today he he, it's still on my little 'to-do' note on the desktop of my laptop.

Spoke to my mum as every weekend, and she is finding lots of Parasol fungi (Schirmpilze) - gosh, there are my all=time favourite food. Maybe just because I can only only get them in Germany with my mum. Apparently, they also grow in the UK, but I have never seen them. True, I never go in the forest here, don't know where to start. Maybe I should look into it. Fungi picking doesn't appear as popular here as it is in Germany, at least the part where I come from, but I think it is 'coming', there is an article in this month's Gardener's world magazine by Monty Donwho talks about getting back to nature, enjoying the fruits presented to us readily (e.g. blackberries) and also mushrooms!



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