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Monday, 15 September 2008

This is what I started stitching last week - can you see what it is? 4 legs and udder should give you a clue - yep, a cow.

What a lucky escape I had - that's how I found Bonnie with the hoop. She didn't chew it and just looked bored with it, but I'm sure she would have chewed on it sooner or later. Gosh, all the things she chewed to pieces.... A camera!!! must have been the most valuable item. Thanks goodness it was not a new one and we hardly ever used it any more (it was my first digi cam). Still...

Back to the cow... not what I would normally stitch, I'm doing this for one of my German friends, Kimmy. She has a big 'cross stitcher's meeting' in her house in Bavaria every year - and the cow is for her husband, as he patiently bears about 30 'needle-witches' for about a week oncea a year. So 9 of us stitching an individual cow, and Alda, the very talented quilter will make it into a crazy cow quilt for Kimmy's DH



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