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Sunday, 21 September 2008

I've finished the cow and it will go on its way to Alda tomorrow. The chart was dreadful though, with only colour squares and no symbols. That's the only cross stitch I did this week, I did none on my planned rotation piece 'Waterlilies'. I'm just always sooo tired at the end of the day during the week, don't feel like going on the laptop, don't feel like cross stitch... I don't even want to think about my exam which is coming up on 14.October! I have started my revision, but did so far maybe..10% of all the stuff I have to cover. I've got no idea how to motivate myself for this.

Nafees is flying out next Saturday to Pakistan, and we have been preparing over the weekend. We went to Walthamstow yesterday in East London. We used to live there from 1993- 2003. It has a huge market, and Nafees wanted especially sewing material for his mum. Walthamstow has a huge Asian population, and material for Asian dresses is really easy to find. Fruit and veg are so much cheaper than here as well. He also bought stuff like lipsticks, shirts, sweets and shower gel as gifts. I've got a funny feeling he will not be able to get it all in his bag, especially as he is only allowed 20kg.



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