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Thursday, 28 February 2008

I admit - I haven't been a very good blogger! Life just seems to get in a way... and unfortunately I cannot update the blog at work:-)). I mainly would like to concentrate here on my cross-stitch, I think I just show my updates and try to update more often. As I have to finish the Poodle for Rachel's birthday, I'm working on it 5 days a week, and do my usual rotation only over the weekends.
Sorry about the bad picture quality - not much to see, only a large blob of white - that is the top of page 1 of the poodle. I tried several settings with the camera, this was about the best I could do - sorry, I'm no expert on this. And yes, that really is all just white crosses....
I finished the 2 trees quite a while ago, and now finally framed - they are hanging in my hallway. I think the frames really set the pictures off. The design is from Gerda Bengtson, my alltime fav. designer (Danish)
Another Fremme design - my part in the round robin for Anita. I did the flower on the left. Fremme thread is such a pleasure to stitch.
I worked on Spring queen last weekend. Nearing the end - I can't believe it. Then there's only the small matter of beading.


Einschies blog said...

Hi Peggy,
ich hab deinen blog über Kerstins gefunden;-))) Schön, dann werd ich mal öfter bei Dir vorbeigucken.

Gruss Gaby

Amelia said...
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Amelia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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