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Monday, 4 February 2008

Today was the first day I worked in my new working hours pattern. I now finish at 2pm so I can pick Ruby up from school, and one day a week I will have to work 12 hours to get my weekly hours in. I'm so glad that my line manager has given me enourmous support when I needed it.

Today, 'Anita's round robin arrived with me. It's a round robin I stitch with friends from my German Yahoo list. It's going to be a flower meadow, made up of Fremme flowers (Gerda Bengtsson design). As I want to finish this first, I have altered my rotation, and will stitch this round robin this week - see how it goes and maybe do my usual rotation for the weekend only (this would by Monet this week). And then I also want to start a poodle picture for Rachel. Again, she has helped me so much in the last few weeks - by just beeing there for me - that I would like to do a surprise for her birthday. And then there is the wedding Sampler for my co-worker Sara who is getting married in June. It seemed like..ages away, and now it is only 4 months - 16 weeks eek!

this is the round robin as I received it today



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