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Friday, 11 January 2008

Here is my update from last week's rotation: Monet. I finally took it out of the scroll frame and put it in the Q-snaps in the hope that his could *maybe* increase my desire to work on this project... Not much to see in way of progress, as the design is printed on anyway... It annoys me that often the chart and the print don't mix. It says in the description that you can use your imagination and creativity - well, it just annoys me and I won't be doing pre-printed again (or background printed - whatever!). About 60% done.

This is a card I stitched for Kate's birthday (from the Birthday Club group. it's an adapted design from German designer 'Liebevolle Kreuzstichentwuerfe' (what a name!). There was also a tablecloth which the vase was standing on which I left out (not enough time and I thought the vase in itself was pretty enough. Also, I sittched the flowers in blue rather than black as suggested by the chart - I didn't think black was appropriate for a birthday card, and besides, the blue fits and looks better (me thinks!)

This week's rotation is Spring Queen, and I am making some progress.


Barbara said...

que bonitos!!!

Sigi said...

Hi Peggy, just thought I'd drop you a line while visiting your blog :-)) Nice project, the Monet picture! I bought me the book, Der Kindersammler, and found it quite frightening. I'm glad that David is already eleven years old and doesn't fit in the preferences of that evil Alfred! (I think it would cost me hours of night sleep if he did fit in ....) But I like the book, since I love to read weird stuff......

Hugs from Niederbayern


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