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Thursday, 27 December 2007

I have been really ill yesterday - tummy upset, and sore throat etc, I felt so weak that I was in bed all day, dragged myself downstairs in the afternoon only to continue sleeping on the settee! Oh, but I was much better again today - ready to go to work!
I have finally taken pictures of my Christmas parcels, and here it goes:
Thank you to my Secret Santa from the Friendly Stitchers:
I must have been good to deserve all this! Note the beautiful bag the goodies came in... (with the snowman on the front). And one kit is actually missing - that is the little pointsetta box which I made already into a present for my friend Rachel - see earlier post! Yes I admit I did cheat and opened two days earlier. And I have never used Thread Heaven before, but it is one of those things which I always wanted to try - so a big thank you again.
And here are my goodies from Clare from UK Cross Stitch - thank you so much as well. My daughter already had a curious look on the stichers hee hee, I guess I'll have to hide them. The fabric are actually 2 pieces.
Thank you both of you for your wonderful gifts - it is so much appreciated, especially as I do not have any stitching friends outside of the lists, and those are the only stitching related present I'll get.



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