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Sunday, 4 November 2007

King, Stephen ' Pet Semetary '

Here goes the master!
I've got many many Stephen King books in my pile, and always try to add more. This one is well known, and I finally got round to reading it, and I was not disappointed. One of King's finest, and I like the idea behind the story! What a story!
Louis Creed moves with his wife, 2 young children and family cat to a small town in Maine (Stephen King country!!). The quickly make friends with the elderly couple who live across the raod, Jud and Norma, it seems a lovely place to live, apart from the big road which runs past the house. And then there is a pet cemetary, to be reached from a path leading from the house, where, as Louis discovered with the help of Jud. But there is more to it, another path leading from the pet cemetary to another strange place. Jud tells him about his dog whom he buried there when he died 'for the first time' .... yes, sometimes they do come back. which leaves of course the question, apart from pets, did anyone bury every a human being there. Soon, tragedy strikes in the house. You gotta read what happens.



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