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Sunday, 4 November 2007

I've got the sock knitting bug again - when I really should do my Christmas stitching. This happens to me ever now and again - I just don't fancy cross stitch but knitting. Ever since I first started to knit socks I loved it. I did a pair for my mum last Christmas, and she actually loved something I did hee hee, and she keeps wearing them around the house. I was surprised how straight forward it was. Usually with knitting, I get myself into a pickle with the sizes, especially with garments like jumpers, cardigans etc. they are always too big or too small or whatever, that really puts me off. But with the socks, its not too difficult. And don't I just love this self-patterning yarn! This one is from Opal.
We went to a bonfire and fireworks display here in Darford. Spend what seems like a fortune on silly things like candy floss and fairground rides for the children. Danial and his friend Matt Ruby and CaseyNow who's the Lord of the Manor!


Eles Kleine Wunderwelt said...

Hallo Peg,
schön, dass du wieder zum Strickzeug gegriffen hast und die Nadeln klappern lässt! Die Socken gefallen mir und werden bestimmt klasse.
Lieben Gruß von Gabriele

Barbara said...

Hey, hat Ruby gar keinen Verband mehr? Das freut mich aber. Wir habe wirklich oft an sie gedacht.
LG, Barbara

Leigh Russell said...

hee hee indeed! As bugs go, it sounds a fairly useful one to catch and you can keep your feet warm as you indulge. I can knit, but that statement is usually accompanied by assorted roars of laughter and pained "No mum, please, no!" which tells you all you need to know about my skill in that direction! I always wondered how you do the endy bits on socks, but you'd better not tell me. My family are still making excuses for all the scarves they've unfortunately left on the train, on the bus, up a mountain, eaten by the dog, the moths...

Thank you for visiting my blog and I'll definitely keep in touch.

Ich have oft an sie gedacht. (I'm not totally sure what that means. I just copied it from barbara in an attempt to compensate for my poor knitting. I trust I haven't said anything inappropriate?) Perhaps I should stick with klasse! (Again not totally sure...)

cross stitch peg said...

Barbara - Ja, toll oder, die Chirurgen haben tolle Arbeit geleistet und sie ist sogar schon wieder beim Violine spielen dabei. Ist fast komplett abgeheilt, ausser der Nagel sieht noch sehr 'schrumpelig' aus.

hee hee again. 'ich habe oft an sie gedacht' meins 'I thought of her often' and Barbara refers to my DD Ruby. See, she managed to cut her finger off (dont aks!!) but is all better now, no more bandage, and she is back playing violine

alda said...

Hallo Peg.
freut mich auch das alles wieder O.K. ist!!
liebe Grüße


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