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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

I'm up to mm neck in revision - and procrastinating! Yesterday, Dan was on the laptop in my bedroom, Iwent upstairs and just sat on the bed to wait for him. Well, that was it, I fell asleep and next thing I know it's 5 in the morning and time to get up! I did some revision on the train though in the morning.

For those on the D315 course - this is what I am revising ( and sort of hope this is sufficient):

1. what is crime

2. media and stats

3. positivism / radical / realists

4. dynamics of shaming (Braithwaite/Katz etc).

Cross-stitch wise - I finished the Langenzenn sampler - it will take it's place next to the one from 2005 to remind me of the fab time.
I am halfway done on the Autumn Leaf freebie from Elisa Tortonesi-Siess. It's only small, and I should have finished it ages ago, but.... see above! It is fun to do. I feel a bit unsure about Elisa's designs, because she does not colour-code, so you have to / can chose your own colours, which doesn't always come very easy to me. However, I have used varigated thread (Tentakulum - German brand)



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