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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Here the promid update on Spring Queen. Almost done now, I can't believe it. Don't look forward to the beading though... and getting it framed is gonna be soooooo expensive!

And here is a historic moment! here you see my very first 3 crosses on the NH-afghan (Nature's Home)

Oh, I know it's gonna be years till I finish this, but I don't mind. enjoying it, but don't know what to do with all that fabric on my lap, is good for stitching in winter time s'pose ;-))

I went back to East Grinstead today with Ruby to have her finger looked at. the bandage is off, and it doesn't look too bad. Odd, I'd say. The nail is still on, but the consultant said it is gonna fall off in the next few weeks, and a new nail will grow in 3 months or so. The tip of her finger looks kind of bulbous, with all that new skin growing. The doctor said it will take 9 months to a year to regain some feeling in the finger, but it would never go back completely normal, however, she will get used to it.


Leigh Russell said...

Hi Peg, I was into cross stitch for a while, but never created anything like your amazing designs. I see you study criminology.... I do too, after a fashion, as I'm a crime writer. Also a fan of Stephen King. I wonder if you'd like to visit my blog and post a comment on the proposed cover design for my new book? I'd appreciate your views on it.

cross stitch peg said...

thanks Leigh. Oh, I am curious now and will def. try to get my hands on your book. as many bibliophiles, I tried my hands at writing, but had to discover that it takes up much more of my time (which I do not have at the mo) but it's not forgotten LOL. and btw, if i can ever help you with some info, I work as Coroner's officer in a mortuary.

Eles Kleine Wunderwelt said...

Hallo Peg,
dein Kreuzstich ist wunderschön anzusehen! Toll auch deine Buchvorstellung, komme bestimmt wieder mal auf Beseuch.
Lieben Gruß aus Augsburg von Gabriele

cross stitch peg said...

Danke Liebe Ele, ich hab Deine blog angeschaut, so einen wunderschoenen Garten *seufz*. ja, sticken und lesen sind mein liebster Zeitvertreib *g*
LG von

fizzycat said...

Love the Spring Queen. Anyone creative is cool.


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