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Friday, 7 September 2007

Manby, Chris ' Girl Meets Ape '

Chicklit-time. I don't mind a bit of light entertainment in between more serious stuff.
The book's heroine, Dr. Jennifer Niederhauser, is a young zoologist who buries herself into her work after a failed relationship with a fellow student zoologist, Timothy, who cheats on her. At a friends hen party, she has a slightly annoying encounter with an Ape-strippogram. And when she takes on a new job at a ape sanctuary, her colleague is - the very strippogram called Guy, who is of course a very nice bloke. Then her old sanctuary is in financial dire straits, and when they accept a TV fly-on-the-wall in the sanctuary, Jennifers old flame Timothy turns up as the TV-presenter. It's a 'Which one will she choose?' story. A lot of facts on ape conservation, plenty of research has gone into the book. The characters are a bit 'OTT' and the end is predictable, but hey...


silvi said...

Hallo aus Norddeutschland,habe gerade in Deiner HP gestöbert und bekomme den Mund nicht wieder zu,solch viele, schöne und aufregende Arbeiten habe ich lange nicht gesehen.ganz besonders gefällt mir das Stickbild"Spring Queen Mirabilia " sehr gut.
Wo hast Du dieses Motiv her,oder kannst Du mit vielleicht einen Abzug der Vorlage überlassen,denn in Deutschland habe ich solch ein schönes Motiv noch nicht gesehen.
LG Silvi


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