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Thursday, 6 September 2007

I had 3 call-outs last night and feel really tired today. I don't actually have to go to the scene, but deal with most stuff on the phone, but once you get called 2am, it's not that easy going back to sleep.
Imran lost his new phone yesterday... I told him I will definitely not buy him another one - £50 down the drain. But my new routine seems to work. I do a weekly 'eating' plan,and we have a tight schedule now every evening for the kids to keep to - 7pm food, 8pm homework, 9pm bed. So far, it works really well and everyone is keeping to it.

And today, I finally started to pick up my cross stitch again. I found it difficult to arrange my new 'stitching area' in the living room since we've got the new settee and my big old armchair is gone. I picked up the Glasgow Rose cat again, will show an update after the weekend.
Here's 1 part of the new settee (and Thomas caliming his seat)



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