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Sunday, 16 September 2007

Koontz, Dean ' Midnight '

Mad scientist meets small town America.

What is the dark and fearful secret that haunts Moonlight Cove? A string of inexplicable deaths has occurred in this idyllic, picturesque town; sinister shadowy figures stalk the streets in the dead of night; and four people are down together by fight the evil: Tessa, a young women determined to find the truth aobut her sister's strange suicide; Sam, an undercover federal agent; Chrissie, a child on the run from her parents; and Harry, a wheelchair bound Vietnam veteran.
I didn't quite understand the scientific background (it doesn't matter), and hey, it seems rather far-fetched at times. The description of the 'change' in people is quite harrowing, especially when cop Loman sees his son Danny becoming 'one' with the computer.



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