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Saturday, 19 May 2007

Should I start writing?

I took Ruby and her best friend Casey to the library today, and afterwards to Dartford Central Park. Got us some icecream from Iceland .. yum yum.

I found some books on writing, one is 'Write children stories' and the other 'write crime stories' (something like that anyway). I still feel that I would like to write, but did push the idea out of my head since I did a short creative writing course last year. Basically, I did not enjoy the course at all! I had always enjoyed writing stories as a young girl/woman, and now I suddenly found the exercises which I had to do for this course really hard. I sat in front of the screen and had to force every single word out. No , I did not enjoy the course at all, and had one of my lowest marks ever for the work I submitted. Maybe it was because I had the psychology course running at the same time and could not devote enough energy to it. Maybe I thought it would be easier - just sit and write. Or maybe I just need more practice. More time!!

I still feel there are lots of stories in my waiting to get out. but no rush, I don't want to write with the sole aim of getting published, but rather for myself. I would like to tell stories about me growing up in East Germany. I want my children to know about this. And most of the common stories about East Germany are about spies, cold war etc - that really get's to me sometimes and I want to show the more 'human' side to it, and that we were quite normal people leading a .. somewhat different life. And my job now provides me with so many leads to tell stories, after all, Forensics, Crime examinations etc is a 'hot topic' now! So, watch this space.

Here's Ruby and Casey enjoying themselves in the park.



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