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Friday, 25 May 2007

Here's an update on Monet from last week:

Not much to see I'm afraid, 'cause of the pre-printed fabric I guess. There isn't actually too much left to stitch - I never thought I'd see the end of this one.

I'm always too tired in the evenings during the week to do anything, most days I just get home and sort of collapse on the settee! No stitching, certainly no studying. sometimes I can get myself to tidy up, but often by Friday the house resembles some sort of warzone... get's me frustrated.

Anyway, it's been a pretty good week:
1. WW on Wednesday - I couldn't believe it, I lost 3,5 lb, and now have only3 lb left and I'm on goal!!
2. Nafees got his 1st wages from his new job, and as he got paid for 1 1/2 month, it was a .. nice sum.
3. Had my PDR talk today with my manager, and it went incredibly well. makes me feel very happy with the job.
1. hardly did any studying, I'm behind again. Tutorial on Tuesday was cancelled, so I haven't go a clue where to start with the next assignment which is due middle of June - and there is still plenty of reading to go tru.
2. weather is suppose to be really shi...y for Bank Holiday Weekend.
I just occured to me that I can turn those two negative points arround and use the bad weather to catch up on studying.



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