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Saturday, 5 May 2007

Michael Connelly ' Void Moon '

This is a crime story, but not the usual kind. It is narrated from the view of the criminal - in this case it is Cassie Black, a professional burglar. Her last big 'job' got horribly wrong, her partner Max ended up dead and she spend some time in prison. Now out, she want to do another big hit which would give her enough money to retire. We get introduced to the world of Las Vegas and Casinos, big money. Cassie makes her big hit, but gets caught out with the Mob - who wants the money back and try to hunt her down. Plenty of bodies buried in the deserts outside Las Vegas during the course. Spoiler -- we learn halfway through the book that Cassie has a child with her dead partner Max, and the girl becomes a centre figure in the big showdown. though Cassie is obviously a criminal, you cannot help but feel a lot of sympathy for her and wish so much for her to get away from the even bigger criminals.



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