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Saturday, 12 May 2007

Last weekend, 3 of the kittens went to their new homes, with Jake. I'm quite pleased because I know where they are going, and I know that his family are real cat lovers as well. And we can still visit at least one of the kittens who will stay with Jake, the other two are going to his grandma.
Well, this leaves us with 6 (5 if you discount Thomas, it is now final that he will stay with us I guess, much to Danial's delight.
An update on the Cat picture from the previous week:
I suddenly felt like knitting last week, and completed 9 squares for the blanket (this is from the magazine where they send you 4 magazines every 4 weeks or so, and each of them has - apart from other things - a tiny bit of woll for a square which eventually forms a blanket. The knitting was fun - I really started to enjoy it and thought I'm starting a knitting-phase. However, disaster struck when I tried to iron the piece (as recommended!). I used of course the lowest iron-setting, and put the square between two thick towel - but even so, the wool almost disolved from even this small heat! It surely must be the cheapest of the cheapest acryl wool. I don't have enough wool to knit the spoiled square again. Suppose could use some wool from my stash, but I lost the will to knit at the moment!



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