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Sunday, 22 April 2007

Thomas, Rosie ' White '

The story centres around the life of 3 people - Finch (how did Thomas come up with this name?!), Alan and Sam. Finch is a successful doctor, but misses the special one person in her life - however,this is not a 'Bridget Jones' type - must find a man story. Alan is a professional mountaineer and heads to Mount Everest for one last trip, leading an expedition up the mountain. Finch joins as the expedition's doctor, but has other reasons as well for joining - all will be revealed. And Sam, well, he sort of follows Finch since meeting her by chance on a flight. The main story is the trip up Mount Everest, but even for non-mountaineers like me, it is an enjoyable read and does not get bogged down with heavy inside information which Thomas definitely has. She made me feel the cold and there were many things I didn't know, for example that the climbers have to go up and down several times, edging nearer with every climb, in order to adjust to the height. I always thought climb and and down again - and so simple is that ;-)) There will be a loss up on the mountain, and the story continues after the descent from Mount Everest. The end is somewhat predictable, but it does not get boring. 2 people will be happy at the end!



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