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Saturday, 21 April 2007

I'm frantically trying to finish TMA03 - no choice but to leave my Spring queen this week, so there won't be much progress. TMA03 is due next Wednesday, and I've never been so late with an ansignment. And yesterday was Nafees' leaving due. I joined in, we came home about 10, not too late, but still had sort of hang over this morning. And I still can't believe he's leaving his job in a BOOK SHOP!

Imran managed to do with his 11 years what I haven't managed in 38 years - he's getting published! Well, not a whole book, but it turns out that he did a drawing in an 'After School Club', his school submitted some work into a competion, and my Imran's work was chosen to get published in a book! The topic for the drawing was 'My Family' and I had horror visions of him having done a drawing of me - but turns out he did a drawing of Sugar - our HAMSTER!

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