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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

finally back at it

Yep, I have found my needle again, after about 1 year away... nothing specific happened ', just life I suppose. I have made some changes recently - don't go to the gym any more (too expensive, found it so stressful having to go there after work etc) I feel so much more relaxed now that I can spend time with the things I love doing rather than force myself to do things I don't enjoy.

Here is my work from the last two weeks:
New starter: Mirabilia 'Autumn Queen'

I did count my way up to the top of the design, so that the head will emerge first. It's nice putting a face on her first I suppose and than add the body.

And from last week's rotation: Egyptian King

Doesn't look like much of progess on it, but I did actually work quite a lot on it over the Easter Weekend. It's quite a limited range of colours, and reasonable block of colours, so it is acutally fun to do. 


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