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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sophie Kinsella 'Can you keep a secret'

 I've got some many books still stacked up here on my windowsill, ready to be reviewed. Read most of them ages ago... So I better make a start with this one. I have to say - I haven't joined the E-book revolution yet (i.e. Kindle). Firstly, I don't really like the feel of holding this min-laptop device and reading a book on it, clicking a button to go to the next page. I don't know, can't really describe, but I have to turn a books page when I read to get my enjoyment out of reading a good book. Maybe I will have to try it for a while... no doubt technology will go more and more forward, and one day there won't be any more print books, or they will be the exemption, so than it is not a big deal for me, but in the meantime I shall stick to a good old-fashioned book. Also, I've got over 100 books still on the shelf, waiting to be read, and all my Stephen King Books are the old-fashioned type, so I don't want to download them again!

So, chick lit time. Yes, I admit, chick lit is my guilty pleasure ever know and again. And Sophie Kinsella does it to a 'Tee' as they say. in 'Can you keep a Secret' we meet Emma. She works in the marketing department of a soft drinks company, and in the first chapter, gets send to an important business meeting to proof her worth. well, it's hilarious, she hasn't got a clue and just gets everything wrong, but it's also a wonderful caricature of those so-called more serious characters in 'business' life. On the way back from her meeting, sitting in a plane, during a few turbulences, she thinks the plane is going to crash and spills all her secrets to the (goodlooking ehmmm) stranger sitting next to her. Not life-changing, horrible secrets, but the little secrets which we all have at some stage i.g. bra cup size, lying on your CV, feeding orange juice to the plant of that colleague you really hate etc. Only, the stranger isn't really a stranger at all, and when Emma comes back to work the next day she finds out that he is the Company's mega-rich executive. the comedy from this is great, and it makes a perfect train-commute or beach read.



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