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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Foraging blackberries

We went foraging for blackberries today which was not really a planned thing but just spontanous  -we  (Imran, Ruby and me) went for a walk with the dog, just across the road from us, and the berries were  tempting. It's not a 'done' thing really here in the UK, but foraging for berries, fungi etc is quite common were I grew up in East Germany - so this reminded me of my childhood. Yep, it's easier to buy them in the supermarket, and not that expensive either, but foraging is so much more fun LOL. Even my 14 year old teenage son had fun! Imran is now trying to make the berries into a smoothie, and I might freeze some for later use.

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Gillie said...

We used to go blackberrying when we lived in UK - don't tell me people have gone all posh now, lol!

The Pegster said...

LOL, I've never really seen people foraging for blackberries here .. and no way is Dartford posh!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hell mum ! xxx


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