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Sunday, 20 June 2010

No more OU

I had my final Open University Exam last Wednesday - and after 7 years of OU - no more!!! I can't believe it and feel a real sense of freedom to do all the things which I wanted to do for ages but never had the time, e.g. writing. This is rediculous though, as I surely did not spend that much time on the OU, sometimes I did nt open a book for weeks on end! Coming back to the exam, I'm confident that I did enough for a 'Pass' which is all I need. I couldn't face a resit, but I never had to do a resit with the OU, so I'm hopeful.

Today I was researching some writing programes, and downloaded the demo version of 'Writer's Cafe' which I'm trying to get to grips with, and I might eventually even start writing LOL.

Unfortuntely, we are still waiting for Dan's student visa. It is getting really really tight now - his flight is in 2 weeks - and there is nothing I can do apart from wait for a call from the embassy. It's nervewrecking. I can't bear thinking about if he does not get his visa on time. Firsly, the huge disappointment - I feel soo upset for Danial. And secondly the money - we have spend loads already on the flight, the visa, the doctor's stuff (vaccinations etc, all on private appointments). Please all keep your fingers, toes etc crossed for him.



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