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Monday, 31 May 2010

Another Rainy Bank Holiday Monday

Here is my progress from the Egyptian picture. I'm doing this as a SAL with my friend Jo, and she is sooo much more faster than I am.... never mind. I love stitching on 16ct Aida.

We didn't really do a lot during the Bank Holiday - mainly due to lack of finances LOL. Went to a car boot sale today and got myself a big loot of books. 11 books actually, each one not more than 10 or 20 pence. And I got a nice selection from chick lit to fantasy, crime, vampires to biography. And my 'to be read' pile gets ever bigger ;-))

Tonight it's Britain got Talent - compulsive viewing for me. We all here love this show for the variety of it. Yes, I do now it's probably all pre-selected etc, but we still enjoy it enourmously. As for today's vote -- well, I hope Tobias Mead gets through, he was by far the best I think. Spelbound are unbelievable good acrobats, but in my opinion they are 'too professional' for this show.


Mylene said...

A very good progress on the Egyptian picture.
Enjoy the books!

Raven/Missy said...

Great progress on the Egyptian picture! Enjoy your books! One can never have too much stash, or too many books. Can you tell I love to read? LOL


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