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Friday, 12 February 2010

Judith Krantz 'Spring Collection'


This week's book comes from the world of fashion, which is rather appropriate with the sad passing of designer Alexander McQueen (personally, I am not into Haute Couture). The book was published in 1996. It falls for me into the category of 'chick lit', even though I think the term was probably not really used by the time this was published. But it is what 'chick lit' is all about for me - easy to read, 'female' topics (OK,  I think I am patronising here, what is a female topic?, and anyway, many of the big fashion designers are male). But back to the book.

Justine owns a model agency in New York. Somewhat surprisingly, 3 of the models on her books win a 'contest' to go to Paris to present the collection of a new and upcoming designer, Marco Lombardi. Others in the fashion world are surprised that 3 of her models are chosen for this exquisite job, but Justine is not SPOILER- as Lombardi's billionaire backer is her father, Jacques Necker, who has left her mother before Justine was even born. Not surprisingly, Justine detests him. The book tells really 5 different stories - the story of Justine, her PA Frankie and the individual stories of the 3 chosen models, all very different and all with their own little stories to tell. All of their lives will be changes by the adventures in Paris and Manhattan, some (most!) will find love by the end of the book as it is expected, but it is still told with a lot of entertainment value.

One of the 'funny' things for me was the mental picture I had in my head of Marco Lombardi (who SPOILER - emerges as quite an unpleasant character). Isn't it funny how we paint a mental picture of book characters in our mind - that is for sure one of the great things about reading a book.



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