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Friday, 15 January 2010

New project and a big 'thumbs up' to DMC

15. January 2010. Here is the new project I have started next week, it went into the rotation after I've finished the poodle for Rachel jeaaahhh! This picture is acutally a set of 4 pictures, all are wildflowers on brown linen. I got it from Olypmpia Stitching Show a few years ago, they were on sale from £19 down to £5. I adore wildflowers! However, it's not that easy to stitch. Firstly the linen, and there is a lot of confetti (even though it doesn't look like it from the picture) and it sort of goes all over  the place. So, as a result, that small section is all I did for the whole week. Never mind.
A big thumbs up to DMC. When I called them about the 'Stitch a photo' picture (see my previous post) about the chart which they supplied in black n white instead of colour a few years ago, the guy on the phone was laughing and said someone must have just ticked the wrong box on the computer, and it was easy to change). And a few days later the new chart arrived - with 54 colours. Brilliant. Can't wait to get it started, but want to finish another piece first, probably the giraffe s next one to finish.

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