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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Little bit of an update on what's going on at the moment - doctors, hospitals, surgery and such


Right, back at home, and off work now for the next 8 weeks (7 weeks left actually). I went into hospital on 25.01. for a planned laparotomy to remove abdominal adhesions. I had keyhole surgery last year which found that I had severe abdominal adhesions, most likely from gynaecolgical surgery I had when I was 13 years old in 1981 !!! The adhesions were so severe that the Surgeon could not treat it with keyhole surgery, and I had to come in to have my belly sliced open ;-))

I had been waiting since last September for the surgery, but wasn't desperate for it - mainly because I have been living with the abdo pain for quite a few years, and many doctors had told me there is nothing....So it was a relief to find out what was the problem, and that it is not something sinister as such. And of course, the thought of major abdominal surgery, for a very active person like me... working full time, looking after the family etc. Well, I had a phone call from the waiting list department at the hospital just before Christmas to tell me that, as I now have been waiting for more than 3 months, they have to offer me treatment at a private hospital and whether that would be ok for me. Well, yeah, I suppose so, I thought as it needs to be done, I might as well go for it now. And so  was admitted on 25.01. at Fawkham Manor Hospital in Longfield.

The surgery went very well (not that I can remember any of it), and the first night I spend in a big and happy morphine haze. Dr. Jones, my consultant, saw me the next day and explained that he found I had adhesions which stuck together in my right site my uterus,  small bowel, large bowel and bladder! No wonder I had pain. He 'freed' all the organs and put the anatomy right again. On my questioning he told me he can't promise that the adhesions won't come back, but certainly not as bad as it was. (hopefully, crossing all my fingers, toes etc). Now it's just a case of recovering. I have been signed off work for 8 weeks! I've never been off for such a long time since I started working again after having the children in 2000. It already feels strange, and day-time TV is already boring me stiff. So far I don't feel like reading and doing a lot of Internet - just don't feel like it - it's not that I have great pain. I'm not supposed to do any housework for at least 3 weeks, and while that sound like heaven, and while Nafees and the children try their best, it is sort of getting to me that the house is not like I would do it... and I can't drive for the next 6 weeks - which is even a bigger pain as I am the only driver in the house. So grocery shopping needs to be done online, luckily that is not a problem where I live and they usually deliver the next day or even the same day. We also have a small local Tesco here which actually opened new this week.

I am obviously doing lots of cross stitch, and can hopefully show many updates soon.


Gillie said...

So glad the surgery went well. Close your eyes to the house, it will be easy to put right when you feel better! Love those hearts!

The Pegster said...

LOL (or rather not because it hurts!) thanks Gillie.


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