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Monday, 5 October 2009

A finish in cross stitch

Here isn't latest finish - a heart design from the French designer Isabelle Vautier. I've still got the matching strawberry one to do. I thoght those small kits can be my 'on the move' pieces and took them into work for my lunch break. However, we hardly ever get lunch of more than 20 minutes so I would have never done anything on those. Took them back home with me.

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Leigh Russell said...

It's so difficult to find time during the day. Your design looks beautiful. I love the brilliant colour.

The Pegster said...

Thanks Leigh. Gosh, I tell you, I think we should have a 30-hour day LOL

Marina said...

Hallo Peggy, schön gestichelt hast du da. Bin grad mal wieder Blogs lesen. Ich bin zur Zeit auf Arbeit so eingespannt, dass ich kaum noch zu was komme. Liebe Grüße mal aus Sachsen von Marina


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