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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Big news - well, for me anyway. I have finally bought my first D-SLR camera. Have been toying with this for the last few months, as I enjoy walking and wildlife/wildflowers more and more and really want to get more serious about photography. So... I have saved up on a deposit and got a Canon Eos 450D. There is sooo much to learn, I've been submerged in the 'Dummy' guide for the past few days and taking my first shots. I love it.

Problem is that this is going to be an expensive hobby. Already I realised that I may have to purchase more lenses with the stuff I want to take pictures off. I got 2 lenses with the camera (as I kit), and I want to get completely comfortable with everything in the first place. I'm still on the 'Automatic' setting for the camera, but hopefully will explore more in the next few weeks and can start experimenting with the manual settings.
Completely neglected cross stitch as a hobby, but will definitely return to it sooner or later - just enjoy taking pictures so much at the mo (and playing with all the new equipment). Here are some of the first pictures I took - completely unedited(haven't yet got the hang of Photoshop - another Dummy-guide I gotta get through LOL - Amazon is making tons of profit with me at the mo.


Maureen said...

Wow - great photos, love the one of the dog! My dad is really into photography and spends hours on his pc manipulating different photos - it's amazing what some of the programmes can do but boy does it become an expensive hobby but well worth it when you get the right shot.. enjoy and please show us some more of your work

The Pegster said...

Thanks Maureen. Yep, that was one of the first things I realized - this can get expensive, with all those lenses and other equipment you can get! Wish the day had at least 30 or so hours, time runs away when you edit photos on the computer!


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