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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Spring Cleaning

I've had this week off, and really used it this time to do some major spring cleaning. I don't often have the time and the mood for it, but I really went for it this time. I've got several big bags in the shed, and about 100 books, all paperbacks which I read in the past few years. I decided that it is time to sort them out, as I'll not going to read them aagain, and it just takes too much space and makes the house all messy. We did a car boot sale, but only made about £40 (after taking away the stall rent of £12). Never mind, it's £40 extra in my purse. Lots of it was actually knitting stuff which I decided to get rid off as I don't knit any more - there just isn't enought time for knitting, and I enjoy cross stitch more.
We also finally started to paint the fence in the garden, and Rubyand Dan helped me. We've run out of paint though half way through, will continue maybe next weekend if there is time.


Connie said...

Liebe Peggy !
Ab und zu muss soetwas sein .
Man fühlt sich hinterher gut, nicht wahr
Dein Zaun kriegt eine tolle farbe !
Liebe Grüße


The Pegster said...

Danke Connie - stimmt, jetzt muss nur noch der rest vom garten dran LOL


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