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Monday, 13 April 2009

Roast leg of lamb with garlic and red wine sauce

Our Easter meal was Roast Leg of lamb with garlic and red wine sauce. Now I'm not a great cook, so if I do get something right, I'm quite pleased, and for my own sake (so I remember it next time), I would like to record the recipe here:


1 leg of lamb (abt. 2 kg)
4 garlic gloves
rosemary or other herbs
red wine
olive oil

1. Wash the lamb, dry and rub with olive oil, salt and a tiny amount of pepper.

2. Cut about 20 incisions into the lamb, and stuff the cut garlic gloves + herbs into it.

3. Put the leg into the pre-heated oven (200C), cover with foil, and let it roast for about 1 hour.

4. In the meantime, pre-boil the potatoes.

5. After every 15 or so minutes, brush the lamb with a mixture of olive oil, red wine and salt.

6. After 1 hour, remove the foil. continue to brush the lamb with the oil/wine mixture.

7. In the last 40 mins, put the potatoes around the lamb, but drain any liquids from the pan before (but don't throw them away, we need them for the gravy).

8. Turn the lamb once, and cook for another 40-60 mins (all together, 1 hr. 40 mins - 2 hrs).

9. After the lamb has come out of the oven, take the liquid which has collected at the bottom and stir it into some gravy powder with more red wine (I know, gravy powder is cheating, but all my cooking has to be easy-peasy Peggy friendly. I have mentioned already, I'm not a master cook).



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