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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Tracey Quan 'Diary of a Manhattan Call girl'

this book came free with a woman's magazine once which I very rarely buy, but did on this occassion when we were at the airport (must have been about 5 years ago, so that's how long my 'to be read' pile is LOL!. Now as I'm generally open to all kind of books, I gave it a try.

the book does exatly what it says on the tin - it is the diary of a call girl. The story is basic, a Bridget Jones for callgirls. She has a boyfriend who does not know her profession, and she obviously ponders whether/when to tell him. The story is not written in a serious fashion, but very much like a fun diary. Now I'm no prude but found this often too saucy for my taste. Well, there is a time/place for this sort of thing I suppose, and as I mostly read during my commute on the train - well, I don't want to read about sex at 6 am sitting in a packed train ...

So - if you like very saucy reading, give it a try, otherwise stay clear.



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