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Saturday, 14 February 2009

We've had some sad news yesterday - Nafees' company (well, it's Maidstone branch) is finally closing down. On Monday, the redundancy consultation is going to start. As he has worked for them for only 2 years, we don't expect a redundancy payment (and it's only a small company anyway), but hopefully he will get 3 months wages as he has a 3 months period of notice. Luckily, my job is pretty secure and at least, we are not in danger of losing our house. How dreadful that must be! I can only image.

I also went to Dartford Library today to get myself books/leaflets on 'Walking in Kent'. I really want to get going this year and get out of Dartford and see Kent. And I can't wait for spring to start! The snow is all gone anyway. The tieniest buds are appearing on the trees.

For Valentine's day we did order some Indian food in the evening (my choice). For the first time, we used a Restaurant which is here up in Temple Hill called Haldi. The food was absolutely delicious, even Imran and Ruby scoffed up the food, and we had no leftovers at all. Will definitely buy from them again.


Sigi said...

Hi Peggy,

sad news indeed - I'll keep my thumbs pressed for Nafees to find a new job very soon!
The woodland in Kent looks almost as it does over here in Bavaria;-))Keep on walking ( and taking beautiful photographs ;-))

Hugs to you and your family


The Pegster said...

Thanks Sigi. Yes, sad news but guess it could be worse - many people here experience worse with losing their homes etc...I made a promise to myself to to out more - you know, you always think I will do it but never do. Kent is supposed to be really beautiful, I have lived her for 6 years and never saw any of it apart from our street !


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