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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Frederick is on the wall

I finally managed to frame Frederick, and he is hanging on the wall (on the staircase). I can't believe it, my signature reads '01-2007' - did it honestly take me more than 2 years to have it framed? And more to the point, since this, I haven't really finished anything, apart small stuff and Sara's wedding sampler last summer.
It took a while to find a frame, and this still isn't perfect. I always have problems with the framing, well, don't really have the money to have it done professionally, and while I'm ok doing it myself, the standard shops just never have the frame size I need, or my pictures never seem to fit the standard frame / mount sizes. And that's all I can do with - the standard sizes. Maybe I should invest in a mount cutter...


Felicity said...


The Pegster said...

Thanks Bliss. Hope you are not anywhere near the dreadful fires and all your family is safe! Sorry, Geography not my strong point!

Margit said...

Wahnsinn Peggy. Hat Dich dieser massive Farbwechsel nicht verrückt gemacht? Ist aber echt toll geworden!
Stickst Du eigentlich noch Fremme?


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