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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Already the 3rd week in January. Can't wait now for the days to get longer again! Its already a small improvement that we still seem to have daylight by 4:30 pm. Well, I have finished Spring Queen! Almost, anyway. All the cross stitch is done, now on the backstitch (not a lot, but I'd forgotten about it, I was about to start on the beading). Yeah, well, and the beading. I do not look forward to the beading! The Spring Queen is in rotation in another 5 weeks anyway. I actually copied the chart again, and coloured all the different beads in different highligher colours (I've done that while sitting in a very boring court case LOL!). That should make it easier, and the beading may turn out to be a nice change, who knows, maybe I'll enjoy it!


too_busy_to_stitch said...

Just beautiful Peg! good luck with that beading.

The Pegster said...

Thanks - it was a long time coming, I think I've worked on it for over 1 year!


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