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Monday, 7 July 2008

Done! I finished the wedding sampler yesterday. Now it's only the small matter of framing, which unfortunately is always a big deal for me, as I can only go the Hobbycraft for supplies (or a general store like Wilkinsons), and whatever they have is usually very limited to standard stuff. But it sure is impressive and I hope Sara will appreciate it for what it is - if you know what I mean. I think she is the type to appreciate this kind of gift. It sure was fun to stitch and I think it is very beautiful.
Now this is what I'm currently stitching in the train on my way home every day. It will be a Labrador eventually. I'm that sort of stitcher that I'd like to stitch about things which currently go on in my life, e.g. if I visit the Zoo, I feel like doing a tiger picture ... I started to get into Labrador pictures when we got Bonnie in March (funy enough!), and I'll show my progress every week. It's not a large picture, but I only manage to put in about 3 thread lenghts 4 times a week on the train. (whenever I finish at 2pm)

Today it rained finally after a long time, all the grass and flowers were already really drying out, so we needed the rain. On Saturday I was chased by those big clouds when I walked Bonnie and was glad I made it home in time, but believe it or not, nothing came down - it only started to rain today.


Miss 376 said...

The wededing sampler looks really pretty. Sure it will be treasure

cross stitch peg said...

Thanks, I am well proud of it. And it's my first finish in a long time LOL

Connie said...

Liebe Peggy !
Dein Hochzeitsgeschenk ist super !!
Habe Dich soo in Langenzenn vermisst..
Liebe Grüße

gudi stickt wieder said...

Liebe Peggy,

da bin ich mal wieder und hab auch gleich etwas schönes auf meinem Blog für Dich hinterlassen.

GLG Gudi

Anonymous said...

:-)Da wohnst Du aber in einer schönen Ecke! Ich gehe an die Nordseeküste, nach Norfolk - habe heute Bescheid bekommen, das ich nächsten Montag um neun auf der Matte zu stehen habe!!! :-)

Sonda in OR said...

The sampler is beautiful!

Robyn in Oz said...

Congrats on finishing the Wedding sampler. A beautiful piece!


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